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Brake Line Flaring Tool

How flare a brake Line with a brake line flaring tool

If you’re replacing a brake line on a late model car or truck you’ll probably have to form a bubble flare. They’re now more common that the typical double flare used in older cars. You can’t make a bubble flare without this special flaring tool. I’ve listed several kits depending on your budget. If you’re making new lines you’ll also need a tubing cutter and a tubing bender.

Three brands of brake line flaring tool kits capable of making bubble flare kits. GearWrench 41870 Bubble Flaring Tool Kit, Lisle 56150 Combination Flaring Tool, OTC 4504 Stinger ISO Bubble Flaring Tool Kit

Brake line flaring kits that include bubble flare dies

How to make a bubble flare

Older brake lines required a double or lap flare and use a tube holding device and a tapered ram. To make a bubble flare, you use the same holding device and ram, but form the bubble with bubble dies. There are really cheap bubble flare kits out there, but you won’t be happy with them. I’ve used them and they distort the brake lines instead of forming the end into a bubble.

Cut the brake line to the proper length. Debur the inside of the line and install the new brake line bubble fitting before you clamp it in the holding device. Apply a drop of oil to the bubble die and shove it into the open brake line. Then apply the ram and turn until the brake line end forms a bubble shape. Clean off the oil and you’re reading to attach the new line.

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