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Brake noise after brake job on Nissan Altima

Why do my brakes make noise after a brake job on Nissan Altima

If you encounter brake noise after brake job on Nissan Altima, stop and re-inspect your work. If you didn’t pay attention when you removed the caliper bolts, you may have re-installed the bolts in the wrong location. This advice applies to 2002-12  Nissan Altima vehicles. The bottom caliper bolt has a washer, but the top bolt does not. The top bolt is held away from the rotor by the wheel speed sensor. However, if you install the bolt without the washer in the bottom hold, the bolt will contact the rotor and score it. The damage may become so severe that the rotor will discolor from the heat and the scoring may actually cause the rotor hat to separate from the rotor face.brake noise nissan altima

If you messed this up, replace the rotor and flush the brake fluid since it’s likely that the fluid overheated.

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