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Brake pedal pulsation vibration Chrysler

If you own a Chrysler minivan and have brake pedal pulsation or vibration problems, read this article

Chrysler has issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 05-002-13 dated Feb 22, 2013 to address a brake pedal “judder” or vibration on 2011-2012 Caravan and Town & Country vehicles. The repair applies to vehicles with brake code BRE or BRG and built before March 30, 2012. The repair involves installing new brake pads, new rotors (or resurfacing the existing rotors) and replacing the lower control arms. The newest rotors are part # 04779783AB. The revised front right control arm is part #04766910AK and the left front is 04766911AK. The new brake pads are part 68093323AB.

If you have an approved on-vehicle brake lathe and the rotors meet Chrysler’s resurfacing specifications, resurface the rotors. If you do not have the proper brake lathe, replace the rotors with the new part numbers.

Next, remove the lower control arms and inspect the bushings. Capture3If the bushing have 8 slots as shown in the photo 2, along with a plastic inner substrate, your vehicle has the most current bushings. If your bushings have 3 slots and a metal substrate as in photo 1, replace the control arms with the new style.


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