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Brake Squeal noise – Isuzu

Fix Brake Squeal noise – Isuzu

A Brake Squeal noise on 1995-’97 Rodeo vehicles with 4-wheel disc brakes. The rear brakes squeal or shudder when backing up. But the problem happens WITHOUT brake application. It’s caused by misadjustment of the parking brake.

First, check the condition of the return springs and parking brake shoes. Replace if necessary. Next loosen the adjustment nut on the parking brake lever to provide slack in the cable.

Next, remove the rubber plug from the adjustment hole and insert a small screwdriver to rotate the starwheel. Turn the starwheel down one notch at a time until the rotor will not turn by hand. Then back off on the starwheel adjustment until a slight drag is felt on the rotor. Repeat this procedure on the other rear wheel.

To finish the adjustment, tighten the nut on the parking brake lever until the lever travels up six to eight notches for full parking brake engagement.


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