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Brake Vibration—Volkswagen

Brakes vibrate on VW

Volkswagen reports a solution to brake vibration problems on ALL 2003-07 vehicles. The nasty vibration problem occurs when braking at speeds above 55 MPH. The cause is an excessive amount of corrosion protector that was sprayed onto the rotor surfaces at the factory. Your tip-off is uneven color on the rotor surfaces. To verify the problem, drive the vehicle to highway speed and apply the brakes. If you feel the shudder through the steering wheel, release the brake pedal and apply the parking brake. If the shudder goes away, the corrosion coating is definitely the problem and you will have to sand it off. If the problem remains, sand the rear rotors as well.

To sand the coating, use 40 grit sandpaper on an orbital sander. Tilt the sander so the edge bites into the coating. Move the sander clockwise around the rotor. After about two minutes of sanding, change to 80 grit sandpaper. Wash the rotors with soap and water—not aerosol brake cleaner.

The corrosion protector probably glazed the pads as well, so check them out. If they are worn less than 50%, remove them and sand the glaze off using the 80 grit paper. Lay the paper on the floor and move the pad back and forth until the glaze is worn off. Then spray the pad with aerosol brake cleaner and re-install.


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