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Brakes drag – Ford

Brakes drag – Ford

Ford has issued a service bulletin to address a Brakes dragging condition on 2007 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles. The Brakes dragging may appear as low power and a burning smell. You may also have a Integral Vehicle Dynamics (IVD) light on after driving several miles.

Ford has determined that one possible cause of the problem is a sticking brake switch the prevents the pedal from returning to the full off position. To confirm that you have a bad brake switch, raise the vehicle on jack stands and spin each wheel. If all four wheels exhibit drag, then the switch is most likely the culprit. That would cause the hydraulic circuits to stay pressurized. The IVD would see no change in the brake on/off input status from the switch to the module and activate the IVD light.

To get a final determination, lower the vehicle, disconnect the connector to the brake pedal switch and rotate the switch clockwise. If the brake pedal moves up, that means the plunger was sticking and the switch must be replaced with the revised part (Part No. 8T4Z-13480-A).

ford brake switch, 8T4Z-13480-A, 8T4Z-13480-A switch

8T4Z-13480-A Brake switch

If your test shows that only the rear wheels drag, then you most likely have a misadjusted parking brake equalizer. Release the parking brake and adjust the equalizer until both rear wheels spin freely.

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