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Bumper tab repair

How to perform a bumper tab repair

If you’ve got a cracked, chipped or dented bumper, chances are the impact also broke at least one bumper tab. You can repair the bumper crack and perform a bumper tab repair yourself.

Since bumper covers are made from at least four different types of plastics, it’s important to know the type used on your vehicle. I have a list on my site with the types of bumper plastics.

You’ll see a lot of youtube videos showing bumper tab repair using body filler or epoxy. Ignore those. Those repairs won’t last. Bumper tab repair must be done with a flexible plastic material, not a rigid body filler or epoxy.

Polyvance and Sem Products make bumper tab repair products and I’ve included their videos here to show you how it’s done. In both cases, you’ll have to prep the area and then add the plastic products to make a new bumper tab.

Sem Products bumper tab repair

Polyvance bumper tab repair

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