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C1235 C1236 on Ford Explorer

C1235 C1236 on Ford Explorer

ABS C1235 C1236 trouble codes would lead you to believe there’s a problem with both the left rear and right rear ABS sensors. But when you get under the vehicle, you won’t find separate sensors. That’s right, there’s only one and it’s NOT mounted at the either wheel. It’s mounted on the differential and the tone ring is inside the

To test the system, check for at least 10 volts on the light green/red wire at the sensor with the key in the run position. Then check for good ground at the light green/black wire. Both of these wires run from the ABS module to the sensor. If you don’t have power or ground, follow the wiring harness backwards towards the module.

If power and ground are good, remove the sensor and rotate the rear wheels so you can examine the teeth on the tone ring inside the differential. If there are missing or damaged teeth, well, get ready for a big repair. The tone ring can be damaged by a chipped tooth on either the ring or pinion gear. If the teeth look good, replace the sensor—it’s a fairly common failure point.


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