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C1238 C1241

Fix code C1238 C1241 Brake Thermal Model Exceeded on GM mid-sized vehicles.

This trouble code C1238 Brake Thermal Model Exceeded on mid-sized GM vehicles will set if the ABS system finds that the ABS motor is not holding the piston in place. This situation usually occurs because the gear on the ABS unit is loose or stripped.

Remove the cover and inspect the gears. If you find a problem, don’t just tighten the gear, replace the gear or motor pack assembly. Clear the codes and drive the vehicle. If the code resets, you’ll have to remove the wires from the motor pack connector and reverse them. Here’s how. The connector will contain pin identification letters. Reposition the wire that was in the pin A position to the E position. Then reposition the E wire into pin A slot. If the code still returns, check the electronic brake control module (ECBM). If the code C1241 appears, the motor pack is defective.
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