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Cadillac Escalade wheels become theft target

Theft of Cadillac Escalade wheels rising

Thieves are targeting Cadillac Escalade wheels for resale on the black market. Specifically, they’re going after Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Momo wheels

Cadillac Momo wheels

vehicles equipped with the “Momo” wheel package. That package adds $8,000 to the retail price of the vehicle. The Cadillac momo wheels have become a sensation on music videos which has increased their value on the black market.

Cadillac Escalade wheels stolen in Battle Creek

“Four tires and wheels valued at $5,000 were taken from a vehicle at Superior Buick Cadillac at 995 W. Columbia Ave. Dealership officials called Battle Creek police at 9:25 a.m. Monday and said they located a 2016 GMC Sierra Denali without wheels or tires. The last employee left the dealership at 5:30 p.m. Saturday and the missing tires and wheels were discovered Monday morning taken from the vehicle on the sales lot.”— Battle Creek Enquirer, May 21, 2019

Cadillac Escalade wheels stolen in Texas

Crime ring steals tires, wheels from 40 vehicles at Cavender Cadillac dealership in San Antonio

40 Cadillac Escalades Have Wheels And Tires Stolen At Texas Dealership

About 40 vehicles had their tires and wheels stolen from Cavender Cadillac in Live Oak by a professional crime ring believed to have hit numerous dealerships across Texas, according to police and dealership management.

Local police stated the burglars are likely a part of an organized crime ring that has hit multiple dealerships in Texas. Those responsible were able to turn off the dealerships’ lights to go about their business undetected. Security footage was still able to catch the group fleeing, and dealership management has since handed the footage over to the police.

It’s believed four people are responsible for the crimes, armed with power tools to remove the wheels and tires quickly and efficiently. No arrests have been made thus far in the crimes.

Ric Griffin, the general sales manager of Cavender Cadillac, located at 7625 North Loop 1604 East, said in an interview with mySA.com that it’s unfortunate that the theft occurred, but he’s grateful the vehicles weren’t damaged during the theft.

They know exactly what they’re doing,” said Griffin, who has worked at Cavender Cadillac for 22 years.

The culprits allegedly found a way to turn off the lights in the lot so that they could work in the dark, but they were still caught on video camera footage, Griffin said. That footage will be handed over to the Live Oak Police Department.” — San Antonio Express-News Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cadillac sells a wheel theft deterrent system

Cadillac has introduced a wheel-theft deterrent system to protect the expensive wheels on your vehicle. The wheel theft deterrent system is GM part #22962506 and sells for $155.00. The system creates noise and alerts you and other bystanders of unwanted contact with your vehicle. The accessory activates the vehicle’s alarm horn and flashes vehicle lights when anyone attempts to jack up your vehicle.

Find the accessory here

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