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Camry EFI Fuse Blows

What Causes Toyota Camry EFI Fuse to blow?

Late 1990 and early 2000 Toyota Camry vehicles have a known problem where the camry efi fuseEFI fuse in the underhood fuse box blows, seemingly without cause. The Camry EFI fuse is a 15A fuse and can last for weeks on end and then blow or the fuse can blow within minutes or hours after insertion.

What does the Camry EFI fuse control?

The Camry EFI fuse powers the electronically controlled transmission and automatic transmission shift indicator light, the ECU and the vehicle’s immobilizer system. That would lead you to think that the short is in one of those components.

What are the most common causes for Camry EFI Fuse blowing?

1. This seems to be a case of poor wiring harness routing. Some shops encounter a wiring harness melt-through near the EGR valve and intake. Since the EGR valve recirculates hot exhaust gasses, it makes sense that if the harness is too close, it could melt the wiring insulation. That is one spot where engine movement and wires shorting can explain the intermittent nature of this EFI fuse problem.

2. Other shops report finding a wiring harness rub through above the fuel tank.

Start by checking the wiring harness that routes near the EGR valve

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