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Camry rough idle or stall

Diagnose Camry rough idle or stall and slow acceleration

Toyota has issued a technical service bulletin #TSB-0012-16 to address a rough idle and slow acceleration on the vehicles listed below. Owners will also find a P2111 Throttle Actuator Control System– Stuck Open trouble code stored in the ECM. A P2111 trouble code is an “enhanced manufacturer and vehicle specific” trouble code that may not be read by inexpensive code readers. Finding that code may require a pro-grade scan tool.

Vehicles Affected by technical service bulletin #TSB-0012-16

2007 thru 2011 Camry HV vehicles with the 2AZ-FXE engine

Cause of P2111

Toyota has identified the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve as the cause and has issued an updated part to correct the problem

Fix for P2111

1 .Obtain the updated PCV valve #12204-28050 Valve Sub-Assy,

12204_28030 PCV valve

Image of OLD 12204-28030 PCV valve. New valve part number is 12204-28050

Ventilation from a Toyota dealer

2. Remove the current PCV valve using a 22-mm deep socket. The PCV valve is located in the engine valve cover.

3. Apply Toyota #1324 three bond adhesive to the threads on the new valve

4. Install the new PCV valve and torque to 14-ft/lbs.

5. Clear the trouble code and drive the vehicle

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