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Camry won’t shift out of park

My Camry won’t shift out of park

When a Toyota Camry won’t shift out of park, the most likely problem is a bad shift lock control switch. The shift lock control switch is located in the center console towards the rear of the shifter lever. It’s controlled by the shift lock control unit and energizes the shift lock solenoid so it releases and allows the user to shift out of park.

The shift interlock computer receives power from the cigar & radio fuse on the blue/red wire. It also receives power from the ECU-IG fuse on the black/red wire. It receives a third power input form the brake light switch on the green/white wire.

To diagnose the problem, check for 12V on the green/white wire on the STP terminal of the ECU when you step on the brake. If you get power, move on to test the shift lock control switch.

There are 3 wires on the shift lock control switch. They are P1 (green/red), P (green), and P2 (green/white). Attach a DVOM to P1 and P with the shifter in park. You should have continuity. If you don’t, the switch is bad.


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