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Can’t remove key from ignition, can’t move shifter from park – Impala

Can’t remove key from ignition, can’t move shifter from park  – Impala

GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSV) 08-07-007B to address problems with the shift interlock feature on 2007-08 Chevrolet Impalas. The bulletin states that problems that occurred during manufacturing may have caused the wiring harness to the shift interlock solenoid to be misrouted. The misrouting can result in broken wires to the solenoid. Here’s how to troubleshoot the system.
The body control module (BCM) provides power to the shift interlock solenoid when it sees the ignition key turned to ON and the transmission in PARK, but the brake pedal is not applied (checks the brake pedal switch to determine that). The PCM is what reports the PARK position to the BCM via a data line. The shift solenoid is permanently grounded inside the console. So when it receives power from the BCM, it actuates a locking pin to prevent the shifter from moving out of park. Once the BCM sees brake pedal application, it stops powering the shift solenoid and the locking pin releases.
Shops are reporting seeing broken power and ground wires at or near the shift solenoid. So remove the console and check for power on the dark green wire with the key in the RUN position. Also check for good ground on the black ground wire. Repair wiring if you don’t find the correct values.
Also, the shift cable may be out of adjustment, preventing it from releasing the lock mechanism. Refer to a shop manual to get instructions on how to readjust the shift cable.

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