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Car AC blows warm – GM

How to fix AC blows warm problem

If you own a GM vehicle and your AC blows warm air, this might help you fix the problem. GM has issued a service bulletin #09-01-38-005 to address an AC blows warm problem on the vehicles listed below.

2008-10 Chevrolet Malibu

2006-10 Pontiac G6

2007-10 Saturn Aura

The problem is caused by high cooling fan startup loads that blows the fuse to the right cooling fan. With the fan out of operation, you get an AC blows warm condition. GM installed a wire that’s simply too small to handle the load. GM wants you to clip the old feed wire and run a heavier gauge wire to the fan. Here are the steps to fix an AC blows warm.


1) Disconnect and remove the battery

2) Remove the windshield washer fill tube

3) Disconnect the underhood fuse box from the mounting base. Lift it high enough to access the harness connectors

4) Locate pin A2 Circuit 532 cooling fan motor supply.

5) Remove the harness back cover and the retention clip from connector A2

6) Cut the terminal off and tape the wire with electrical tape

7) Remove the air cleaner duct

8) Locate the electrical connector to the right cooling fan and disconnect it.

9) Disengage pin B, wire 3GY, circuit 532. Cut the terminal off and remove wire from the housing. Tape the wire end with electrical tape

10) Run a new 6-ft auto-grade 10-ga wire and wire conduit from the fuse box to the fan.

11) Install new terminals from the J38125 terminal repair kit (#123033997).

12) Run the wire inside the conduit and connect at each end.

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