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Car battery replacement

Car battery replacement buying guide

What you need to know when getting a car battery replacement

Car batteries are arranged by “group size.” A particular group size defines the height, width, and depth of the battery, as well as the location and type of the posts or battery cable connections.

Find your car battery group size

Interstate Battery has a group finder feature. Click here to find the group sizes that fit your vehicle.

Determine the cold cranking amps

Find the recommended cold cranking amps specification in your owner’s manual. It’s usually listed in the vehicle specifications section. If there’s no listing for cold cranking amps, check for a CCA listing on your current battery.

Car battery replacement — where to buy

Cheapest car batteries

You’ll often find the lowest car battery replacement prices at Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart. In most cases, they’ll install the battery for you. But be aware of the warranty coverage!

Where not to buy a car battery

I conducted a price and warranty survey on 3/30/2022 for a 96R group size traditional flooded battery.

Costco has the lowest price ($99.99) and a 36-month warranty

Sams Club was a bit higher priced at $119.88 but also offered a 36-month warranty

WalMart has a low price, but also a short 24-month warranty.

O’Reilly Auto Parts and Batteries Plus had higher prices and shorter warranties (24-month)  compared to Sam’s Club and Costco

Advance Auto Parts had the highest price at $199.99 with a 36-month warranty

car battery price comparison
What car replacement battery brand is best?

Battery brand is irrelevant. In the U.S. there are only three car battery manufacturers. They make all the brands you see in the stores. In fact, most of the battery brands you see are the same battery with a different label plastered on the front.

What should you look for in a car replacement battery?

Simple. Warranty and price.

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