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Car overheats – Chrysler Vehicles

Car overheats – Chrysler products

People always ask why their Chrysler car overheats. Aside from the mechanical reasons explained here, Chrysler products rely on a solid state radiator fan relay that can cause problems.

radiator fans don't work, radiator overheats

Chrysler style Radiator fan relay

The relay is usually mounted in the front of the vehicle on a frame rail. That’s great for cooling the relay, but it also exposes it to lots of water and salt. Since the relay is solid state and provides almost 40-amps to the radiator cooling fans, it can get quite hot. The frame rail is supposed to act as a heat sink and it does—until it rusts. Then the rust acts as an insulator and the relay fails. The correct way to replace the relay is to remove it from the frame rail and clean off all the rust. Then coat the back heatsink on the relay with dielectric grease before reattaching it. Next, make sure that you also clean the ground connection from the relay to the frame rail. If you don’t do both of those, the new relay will fail too.

Click on the photo of the wiring diagram to pull up a PDF of a typical

chrysler overheats

Click here to open PDF wiring diagram

Chrysler A/C and radiator fan setup. If you want an exact diagram of the wiring in your vehicle, click on alldatadiy.com or eautorepair.net and order a subscription. Then download the complete works.

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