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Caravan blows cold air

Caravan blows cold air regardless of temp setting

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin #24-001-16 H to address an issue when a Caravan blows cold air regardless of the temp setting. The bulletin applies to 2011-2014 Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town and Country vans and

Caravan blows cold air and fix is reprogram HVAC head

Caravan and Town and Country HVAC blows cold air. Fix is a software update

addresses an issue where the HVAC system blows cold air intermittently regardless of the temp set by the driver. In addition, the driver may feel hot air coming out of the passenger side vents regardless of the temp settings.

Grand Caravan service bulletin applications

The service bulletin applies to ONLY these vehicles built on or before January 13, 2014 (MDH0113XX) equipped with a Dual Zone Manual Temperature Control System (sales code HAD) or a 3 Zone Manual Temperature Control System (sales code HAK).

Cause of Caravan blowing cold air

Do NOT replace any parts to fix this problem. Chrysler has come out with new HVAC system software to correct the problem. You must visit the dealer or an independent repair that has reprogramming capabilities to install the new software.

This is NOT a free repair unless your vehicle is still covered under the 3-yr. factory warranty or you have an extended warranty that covers the HVAC system. The shop will perform an HVAC recalibration procedure and then install the new software.

Expect to pay around $200 for this repair.

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