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Caravan surges at highway speeds

How do I fix a Caravan that surges at highway speeds?

If you own a Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan, or Town & Country minivan that surges at highway speeds, first check for trouble code P0401. This is a common code on Chrysler vehicles and indicates that the EGR valve isn’t in the position the PCM expects.


What’s happening is that the PCM commands EGR flow at higher speeds to reduce oxide of nitrogen and cool the combustion chamber. But if the EGR valve is sticking, you may be experiencing too much EGR flow or varying EGR flow

surges at highway speeds

Electrically controlled EGR valve with position sensor on the top

and that can cause surges at highway speed. The fix is to replace the EGR valve. Buy a new EGR valve from the dealer or an aftermarket part from any auto parts store. Make sure you use a new metal gasket on the new valve. Plus you also need a new gasket for the EGR flow tube. If the flow tube on your engine connects to the valve cover, you may want to replace the gasket to the valve cover at the same time. All the gaskets are available from an auto parts store.

Once you’ve replaced the valve, take it out for a spin and you should notice that it no longer surges at highway speeds. If so, you’re done.

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