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Check transmission fluid on GM vehicles

How to check transmission fluid on GM vehicles

Many newer GM vehicles no longer have transmission dipsticks. Here’s the factory procedure for checking fluid level and condition.

For the 4L30 and 4L60-E (rear wheel drive) transmissions:

Fluid must be at least 113° before checking. Start engine and leave in PARK. Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove fill plug from side of transmission pan. Fluid should be at the lower level of the fill plug.

4T40-E and 4T45-E transmissions (front wheel drive)

Fluid must be at least 104° before checking. If not, idle vehicle for 3-5 mins. Shift into each gear, holding in that position for 3-secs. With engine running and transmission in PARK, remove OIL CHECK plug located in center of transaxle above pan rail on torque converter side. Oil level should be at the bottom of the oil check plug hole. Oil should drain from oil. If it doesn’t, add fluid until it starts flowing from hole. Torque plug to 10-ft/lbs.

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