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Chevy Blazer dies while driving

Fix a Chevy Blazer dies while driving condition

If you encounter a Chevy Blazer dies while driving condition, you may have a common problem with the vehicle’s EVAP system. Read this post to fully understand how the system works. In this case Chevy Blazer dies while driving condition can be caused by dirt or spider nest buildup in the vent tubing to the charcoal canister.vent solenoid, blazer dies

Vent solenoid and vent tubing


The EVAP system is designed to absorb fuel vapors in a charcoal canister and then feed the vapors into the engine to purge the canister. During the purge cycle, the canister draws in fresh air through a vent line and vent solenoid. GM has had lots of problems with both the solenoid and the vent line. If the system can’t vent the vapors, they build up in the canister until it’s saturated with raw fuel. Then, instead of feeding fuel vapors into the engine, it sucks it raw fuel, fuel the computer didn’t order.

The first step in diagnosing a Chevy Blazer dies while driving condition is to attach a scan tool with live data. Look at the fuel trim. That’s what the computer is ordering for fuel delivery. If the numbers are in the negative category, the computer is trying to correct for too much fuel. That’s your clue that it’s sucking raw fuel from the charcoal canister.

charcoal canister

Charcoal vapor canister

Locate the vent solenoid and disconnect the rubber hose. Locate the open end of the hose and blow it out. If debris shoots out the end, you’ve most likely found the problem. But, you may still have debris lodged in the solenoid itself, so be prepared to buy a new solenoid if you can’t clean out the debris.

Then replace the solenoid and hose and take it for a drive. It may drive and idle rough while it purges the canister, but should eventually smooth out.

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