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Chrysler compressor problems

Avoid Chrysler A/C compressor problems

Chrysler compressor problems are showing up on Chrysler 2001-02 Caravans, Town & Country, and Voyager vans.. Now Chrysler has issued two TSB’s on the A/C compressors.

The first is a software update. #21-002-02

Chrysler claims that the software update will increase the durability of the compressor. compressorFrom the factory the PCM has an “anti-slugging” feature that removes liquid refrigerant from the compressor during cranking. That feature is activated every time the vehicle is started and the compressor has not run during the previous drive cycle. Unfortunately, it also removes all the oil as well.

Chrysler doesn’t tell us exactly what the new programming does differently, just that it improves the life of the compressor—which must have become a big problem because of TSB #2 below.

TSB # 24-004-04 applies to 2001-03 Caravan, Voyager, and T&C vans.

This TSB covers the failure of the compressor which can be detected by a squealing of the drive belt or a missing drive belt. The drive belt squeal because the compressor has seized.

The warranty on the A/C compressor has been extended to 7 years or 70,000 miles.


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