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Chrysler Electrical Problems

Diagnose and fix Chrysler Electrical Problems

If you’ve got Chrysler Electrical Problems, read this. If you turn the key on your Caravan and get crazy unexplainable electrical problems, or multiple electrical problems, head right for the Intelligent Power Module (IPM) located next to the battery. Water intrusion and corrosion in the bottom of this unit is a MAJOR problem with these vehicles.

Disconnect the battery terminals and let the system power down for at least five minutes before removing the IPM. Then remove the IPM and check the wiring harness and internal connections for corrosion. If you find any, REPLACE the entire unit. That’s right, you’re wasting your time trying to clean the corrosion—it’s THAT big of a problem. Otherwise you’ll be chasing electrical gremlins for the life of the vehicle.

Yeah, bad design. Thanks German engineering!


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