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Chrysler minivan power steering noise

Fix Chrysler minivan power steering noise

The power steering reservoirs on these Chrysler vehicles have a fine mesh screen in the bottom. As the ATF fluid breaks down it plugs the screen. The return line from the rack is located right at screen level and swirls the fluid around the screen (see photo). reservoir with copyWhen you start these babies cold, the PS pumps are starved for fluid. They make a terrible (and LOUD) moaning sound. As the PS fluid heats up, it swirls around the screen and gets the sediment back in suspension. There is NO WAY to clean out this reservoir. (I’ve tried). Save yourself the time and aggravation and just buy a new one from the dealer. They’re about $25. Then refill the system with ATF+4 fluid. You have to use a vacuum pump to bleed the air out of the system.


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