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Chrysler radio problems

Fix Chrysler radio problems

Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin #08-001-11 REV. A with instructions on how to fix Chrysler radio problems. The bulletin addresses problems with the Chrysler radio locking up when a U-Connect call ends, causing battery drain. Problems can also be intermittent no sound from audio system, repeated **”Updating Channels”** message when in satellite radio mode, iPhone4 losing Bluetooth connection intermittently and not displaying accurate caller ID information when using UConnect

The problem occurs on the following vehicles:

2010-11 2500 Pickup

2010-11 3500 Pickup

2009-11 1500 Pickup

2009-11 Compass / Patriot

2009-11 Caliber

2008-11 Grand Cherokee

2008-11 Liberty

2007-11 Wrangler

2007-11 Avenger/Sebring

2007-11 Nitro

2008-10 Challenger

2008-10 300

2008-10 Commander

2008-10 Grand Cherokee

2008-10 Caravan / Town & Country

2008-10 300/Charger

2008-10 Dakota

2008-09 Commander

2008-09 Durango

2008-09 Aspen

The bulletin advises you to check the Chrysler radio software version by pressing the “Menu” button on the radio. Then press “System Setup” touch screen soft key. Next, press “System Information” touch screen soft key. Notice the software level as the number after the word “application” If the software version is lower than 2.402, it needs an update. Take it to the dealer for a flash reprogramming

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