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Clicking relays Instrument Panel blinking Chevrolet

I hear a clicking sound from under the dash

If you own a Chevrolet with these symptoms Clicking relays Instrument Panel blinking, read this post

Shops are reporting multiple electrical problems on these vehicles and most of them point to poor ground connections. In this case, you may experience any of these symptoms: instrument panel lights blinking, relays clicking, no power steering. You may also find these trouble codes:
U0001-High Speed CAN Communication Bus,
U0101-Lost Communication with TCM,
U0140-Lost Communication With Body Control Module,
U2107-Lost Communications with Body Control System,
U2105-CAN Bus Error ECM,
U2106-Lost Comm with Trans Control System

Start your diagnostics by checking all the fuses in the fuse panels. Next, disconnect and clean all ground cable connections. Pay particular attention to the ground cable from the negative battery terminal to the body.

Shops report that after cleaning all ground terminals, the problem goes away.

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