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Clunk noise in steering

Fix clunk noise in steering on GM vehicles

If you have a Clunk noise in steering in a 1997-2005 GM it’s caused by a “stick/slip” condition in the intermediate steering shaft. This is the portion of the shaft that goes from the steering column down to the rack. Because it has a flexible joint in it, the shaft is made to expand and contract. You guessed it, the grease they used causes it to bind. The new grease is part of a kit #26098237. You remove the intermediate shaft and inject a whole syringe of new grease into it. The kit comes with a rubber plug that you insert afterwards and then you expand and contract the shaft to distribute the grease. Then reinstall in vehicle. The Vehicles affected by this problem are: 97-05 Cavaliers & Pontiac Sunfires, 98-02 Olds Intrigues, 00-05 Chevy Impalas & Monte Carlos & Pontiac Bonnevilles, 01-03 Cadillas Sevilles & Olds Aurora, 01-04 Buick Regals, 04-05 Pontiac Gran Prix, and 05 Buick LaCrosse.


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