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Cranks but won’t start – Chrysler Minivan

Cranks but won’t start – Chrysler Minivan

If you own a Chrsyler Minivan and it cranks but won’t start, the most common cause is a bad crankshaft (CKP) or camshaft (CMP) position sensor or a short in the wiring.

You can test some of those conditions with a digital voltmeter. Using the wiring diagrams shown here. Set your digital volt meter to DC volts. Connect one lead to ground. Disconnect the electrical connectors at the CMP and CKP sensors and turn the key to the RUN position.

crankshaft position sensor, cranks but won't start caravan

Crankshaft position sensor connector layout

camshaft position sensor, cranks but won't start carava

Camshaft position sensor connector layout

Look for either 8-volt or 5-volt power (depending on which engine you have). If you don’t see power, it may be shorted to ground. Get a wiring diagram and disconnect the wiring harness at the PCM. Check the appropriate pins at the PCM for the proper voltage. If you find voltage at the PCM but not at the connectors, you’ve got a short to ground in the harness.

However, these sensors are known to fail by shorting power to ground inside the sensor. So if you get power at the connector, but do not get a CMP or CKP signal, chances are the sensor is bad.

camshaft position sensor

Camshaft position sensor

crankshaft positon sensor

Crankshaft position sensor

Also check the ground connection inside the connector.

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