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Creaking noise when braking

Noise when braking

If you own one of the vehicles listed below and encounter a creaking noise when braking at slow speeds (like a parking lot maneuver), this service bulletin from GM may solve the problem.

GM has issued a service bulletin PI605 to address a noise when braking issue on the vehicles listed below. GM describes the problem as a creaking noise when braking at parking lot speeds. The noise is caused by contact between the body and the front engine cradle mounts.

2006-2012 Chevrolet Equinox
2010-2012 GMC Terrain
2006-2009 Pontiac Torrent

To fix the problem, GM recommends replacing the right and left hand front suspension engine cradle bots with new bolts that are 4mm shorter. Get the bolts from a GM dealer.

You can do the job yourself if you have a floor jack, jack stands, a 1/2″ breaker bar

You’ll need the leverage of a breaker bar to remove the old bolts

sockets, and a torque wrench.

Set the torque wrench to 114-ft/lbs and tighten until it clicks

Remove the old bolts and install the new ones, torquing them to 114 ft/lbs.

If you have this done at a shop, the labor guide shows about .5 hrs to do both sides

Part Number 11561301 Bolt, HFH, M14 x 2 x 111, 48 Thd, 30.5 2

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