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Dash lights not working

Diagnose and fix dash lights not working

When you encounter a dash lights not working issue, the cause is almost always a bad ground. There’s a possibility that the problem is on the power side, but really, the problem is usually on the ground side. Why? Because the ground system is always attached to a metal portion of the body and that connection is always subject to corrosion. The power side of the circuit is usually protected by a weatherproof connector.

Chevrolet dash lights not working

Chevrolet is known for a problem with dash lights not working. The two most common causes are a bad ground at location G200 and a bad engine-to-body ground. If the problem is caused by a bad G200 ground, the symptoms often appear when you turn on the blower motor. When the blower motor runs on high speed, the bad ground causes the loss of the instrument cluster gauges and radio. In addition, you may notice the dome light acting erratically.

dash light not working due to bad ground
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