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Daytime running lights don’t work GM

Daytime running lights don’t work GM

If you own a GM truck or SUV and the daytime running lights don’t work, check out the daytime running light (DRL) relay or wiring. The DRL relay is located in the convenience center. It’s the center relay. Turn the key to OFF and test the two terminals to the relay. They should have power. If you don’t see power, check fuse #4 and #15 in the dash fuse box. If those fuses are OK, then check for an open diode. The orange wire from fuse #15 provides the power to the diode and the yellow wire runs from the diode to the relay. Use your multimeter to test the diode to see if it’s open in both directions. If it is, replace it. The diode is located in the dash bracket above the accelerator pedal. It is the size of a pack of cigarettes with a silver finned aluminum heat sink.

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