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Dead Battery – Cadillac

Cadillac Battery dies

If you own a Cadillac and find your vehicle has a dead battery, this may be the fix. Alternator rebuilders report a problem with 2003-04 Cadillac GTS and ’04 SRX models where the battery goes dead overnight. The problem has been traced to the instrument panel brightness lever on the overhead console. If the user turns the lever to the “almost on” position, but not enough to light up the lights, the switch will cause the Dash Integration Module to cycle back and forth between active and inactive. This will keep waking up all the modules on the data line, preventing them from going into the power saving “sleep” state.

There is no official “fix” for this problem other than to manually check to make sure the switch is not resting in the detent between full brightness and the “interior lamps ON” position.


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