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Dexos Oil

Dexos 1 and Dexos 2

Dexos is General Motors Corporation (GM) international standard for engine oils suitable for use in their ranges of fuel-efficient, low emission engines. GM licenses several oil companies to make and sell Dexos oil based on their specifications.

Dexos™ 1 is for gasoline engines meeting ILSAC GF-5 Resource Conserving specifications. This has recently been updated to Dexos 1 GEN 2 for even better engine protection particularly against LSPI (Low Speed Pre Ignition) in GM vehicles.

Dexos™ 2 is for Diesel and some gasoline vehicles and meets Low SAP requirements* for vehicles fitted with exhaust treatment devices such as DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters).

SAP definition

Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulfur

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