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Diesel in a gasoline vehicle

Diesel in a gasoline vehicle

Can you accidentally put diesel in a gasoline vehicle?

You really have to work hard to put diesel in a gasoline vehicle. In fact, the nozzle is too large to even fit into the filler opening on a gasoline vehicle. So you’re have to hold the nozzle outside of the opening and slowly squeeze the handle to dribble it into your tank.

In other words, you’ve have to drunk, high or a complete moron to fill your tank with diesel.

What to do it you put diesel in a gasoline vehicle

But people do stupid things all the time. So what should you do if you managed to add diesel to your gasoline vehicle?

If you added just a few gallons, your gasoline engine will still run, but not well. It won’t harm your engine. But you should add regular gas as soon as possible to dilute the diesel and then drive as much as possibly to get it out or your tank.

If you somehow managed to fill your entire tank with diesel, chances are it won’t ever start and you shouldn’t even try to start it. Have it towed to a shop, where they will drain the tank and flush the fuel lines and then refill it with gasoline.

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