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Direct-Fit versus universal-fit catalytic Converter

Direct-Fit versus universal-fit catalytic Converter

What is a direct fit catalytic converter?

A direct fit catalytic converter is designed to bolt/weld directly onto the vehicle’s exhaust system without any modifications or additional flanges. A universal fit catalytic converter, on the other hand, most likely requires significant modifications in order to fit into your vehicle’s exhaust. That’s why they cost more than universal catalytic converters.

They are also designed to meet the carmakers specifications for cleaning up the exhaust.

direct versus universal catalytic converter

What is a universal fit catalytic converter?

Universal converters are made to fit a wide range of applications and don’t include any of the fittings required to bolt directly onto a vehicle. Installing a universal-fit cat converter requires additional components, and mostly likely some welding. Installing a universal fit catalytic converter is not a DIY-friendly job.

Accessories parts needed to install a universal fit catalytic converter
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