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Dodge Caravan horn beeps, wipers stay on, door locks activate

If you own a Dodge Caravan and the horn beeps, wipers stay on or the door locks activate, this post is for you

Some Caravan owners may encounter a situation where the horn beeps, wipers activate, door locks activate. Each of these may happen together or individually. The problem is a faulty ground connection at location G100. What’s happening is that one controller is activating due to a door opening condition, for example, and that module needs to complete to ground. Since the ground is bad, the power backfeeds through another component to find ground.

Ground connection G100 is located under the battery where it can be ruined by battery acid. Remove the battery and battery tray and clean the ground connection with a wire brush. Treat the bare metal and eyelet with dielectric grease to inhibit further corrosion. Then repower the vehicle.

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