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DRL indicator flashes B2600

My daytime running light indicator flashes and there’s a code B2600

GM has issued a TSB #07-08-42-002A regarding troublesome daytime running lights. The symptoms whereDRL indicator flashes B2600:

1) daytime running lights may not work at all
2) DRL indicator on instrument panel flashes and goes out
3) Trouble code B2600 comes up during code scan.

The TSB applies to 2005-06 Chevrolet Equinox, 2006 Pontiac Torrent, 2002-07 Saturn VUE

The cause of the problem is most likely a cracked DRL resistor. Follow this procedure to inspect and correct. DRL not working, driving lights, running lights, technical service bulletin, wiring diagram

The parking brake must be released during this test procedure

Park the vehicle outside and shine a trouble light over the ambient sensor for 30 seconds.

Turn the headlight switch to the AUTO position
Press on the brake pedal
Turn the ignition key to the ON position
Shift the transmission out of PARK place into gear
Observe the DRL lamp on the instrument panel

If the DRL lamp stays on and both DRL lamps are on, the system is operating as designed

If the DRL flashes and goes out and only one DRL lamp flashes rapidly, the other DRL lamp may be burned out. Inspect the lamps and replace as needed

If the DRL flashes and goes out and NEITHER DRL lamp lights AND trouble code B2600 is stored in the computer, inspect the DRL resistor. The resistor is located on the left front bumper support.

To access the resistor on Chevrolet and Pontiac models, loosen the left front corner of the plastic wheel well liner where it attaches to the front fascia. Saturn vehicles do not require you to remove the front wheel or wheel well liner.

Clean the sensor and check for cracks or corrosion. IF the resistor is cracked or corroded, replace it. Install the new resistors, placing the washer between the resistor and the bumper support. Tighten the bolt to 53 IN/lbs. Do NOT exceed this torque or you may crack the new resistor.


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