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Engine overheating on Dodge

How to diagnose and fix engine overheating and no A/C on Dodge

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin to address engine overheating on Dodge models listed below. The bulletin #07-004-10 applies to 2010 JS VEHICLES BUILT BEFORE 4/20/2010 experiencing engine overheating and a secondary symptom where the A/C stops blowing cold air after 50MPH.

2010 (JC) Journey

2010 (JS) Avenger/Sebring/Sebring Convertible

2010 (MK) Compass/Patriot

2010 (PM) Caliber

This bulletin applies ONLY to these vehicles with a 2.4L engine (sales code EDG or ED3) built before April 20, 2010 (MDH 0420XX).

Chrysler has determined that the primary thermostat housing Dodge thermostat housingmay clog due to a resin material buildup that clogs the cylinder head coolant port. When that happens, you may see an engine overheating issue and/or an A/C system inoperative above 50-MPH

To fix:

1. Remove the thermostat

2. Check the thermostat housing port and look for resin material that can completely or partially block the port.

3. Remove resin material and reinstall the thermostat into the housing.

4. Top off the coolant.

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