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Engine Runs Rough on Start Up – Malibu

My Malibu Runs Rough on Start Up

GM has issued a technical service bulletin # 07-06-04-031 to address an Engine Runs Rough on Start Up, or engine lacks power on start up – Malibu. The bulletin applies to the following vehicles:

2004-2006 Chevrolet Malibu, Malibu Maxx with the 2.2L L4 (VIN F)

The problem occurs on start up when the driver immediately places the transmission into drive and accelerates (all within a few seconds). This usually happens when the driver is in a hurry to start and drive. If this sequence occurs at a slower pace, this condition will not occur. The driver may not realize they’ve accidentally placed the shifter into D3 instead of D.

The PCM would interpret the rapid placement into drive and enter transmission abuse management mode. That mode limits the throttle to a maximum angle of 45%, even if the accelerator pedal is pushed to wide open throttle. Rather than coming out of this mode though, the PCM will stay in this mode until the ignition is cycled or until the shifter is moved to PARK, REVERSE or NEUTRAL and then back into D4.

GM has issued a software modification to eliminate the problem. The update is NOT free. A dealer or independent shop with reprogramming capabilities can install the update for about $150.

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