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Engine stalls after filling tank Chrysler Minivan

My engine stalls after I fill it with gas

Shops are reporting a problem where the engine stalls after filling tank on Chrysler Minivans. The problem affects Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, and Town and Country vans. Shortly after refueling, drivers experience engine stalling. The stalling may repeat several times.

The problem is the vapor/liquid separator valve located at the top of the fuel tank. The valve is designed to prevent liquid fuel from entering the charcoal canister/emissions system. When the valve fails, liquid gas can enter the line and fill the charcoal canister.

After refueling the PCM on the vehicle detects a change in fuel level. Then, when the engine meets certain temperature and driving criteria, the PCM issues a purge command to the charcoal canister to remove the stored gas vapors. It’s at that point that all the liquid gas in the line gets sucked into the charcoal canister. The PCM expects to see gas vapors entering the intake manifold and it is prepared to adjust air/fuel mixtures to compensate. However, it is not prepared to see liquid gas coming into the intake. That’s what causes the engine to stall.

Unfortunately, the ONLY fix is to replace the entire gas tank. Chrysler does NOT sell the vapor/liquid valve as a separate unit. Once the tank is replaced and the charcoal canister purged, the problem goes away.

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