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Ford Fiesta, Focus owners sue Ford for transmission problems

Ford Fiesta, Focus owners sue Ford for transmission issues

According to the Detroit Free Press several owners of 2017-19 Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus owners are suing Ford for transmission defects. The plaintiff claim that the DPS6 transmission defects have not been fixed.

Lawsuit claims Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus transmissions are faulty

The lawsuit claims the vehicles are “plagued by numerous problems and safety concerns … transmission slips, bucking, kicking, jerking, harsh engagement, premature internal wear, sudden acceleration, delay in downshifts, delayed acceleration, difficulty stopping the vehicle, and eventually catastrophic transmission failure.” The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware in June.

The four plaintiffs allege their vehicles have the same unfixable defects that existing in previous transmissions. The earlier transmissions resulted in class action lawsuits and settlement payments.

The lawsuit claims Ford concealed the problem

According to the lawsuit, “Ford has never acknowledged publicly that the transmission defect exists. To the contrary, Ford actively concealed, and continues to conceal, the transmission defect by, among other things, telling customers that the symptoms associated with the transmission defect were ‘normal driving conditions.”


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