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Fix exhaust leak

How to fix an exhaust leak

I see all kinds of youtube videos showing how to fix and exhaust leak. Most of them are bogus; those repairs won’t last. Neither will muffler bandages or muffler wrap. Let’s take a look at what does and does not work. Don’t waste your time.

non repairable exhaust leaks

Exhaust leaks that can’t be patched

Don’t bother patching these exhaust leaks with sealers or bandages

You can apply patches to these exhaust components. But you’re kidding yourself if you think the patches will last. These exhaust leaks can only be fixed by replacing the components.

Use exhaust adapters to fix these exhaust leaks

Forget about hose clamps and tin cans to fix these leaks. Tin cans and hose clamps won’t last. Plus, why bother when you can buy these adapters for around $10 each?

exhaust leak fixes

Patch pipe leak with couplers

Fix exhaust leaks at joints

Repair rusted exhaust joints with flange adapter replacement parts

exhaust leaks at joints
Fix exhaust leaks at flex pipe with a new section

Locate a repair flex section and cut out the old leaking section

flex pipe repair exhaust

Exhaust clamps or welding?

Welding is usually the best bet. Don’t have a welder? Buy one.

stick welder

Stick welder from Amazon for around $100

They’re not that expensive. In fact, you can buy a small stick welder and an exhaust adapter for less than half the cost of an entire pipe replacement at an exhaust shop. Welding exhaust pipe is easy and it doesn’t require a large welder. Practice on scrap material before you work on your car though.

You can buy a cheap 110-volt stick welder from Amazon for around $100 or buy a used higher quality unit from Craigslist.

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