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Ford Crown Victoria No Headlights

Diagnose and fix Ford Crown Victoria No Headlights condition

A Ford Crown Victoria No Headlights condition is pretty common and the cause is often a bad lighting control module. I’ll walk you through the tests to confirm so you don’t replace a good part.

Test lighting control module

The lighting control module (LCM)

is located under the dash on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It receives an input from the ambient light sensor and uses that information to automatically turn on your headlights at night.

Start by turning on your headlights (IGN key ON) and checking the power feed wires to the LCM on the white/violet and red/yellow wires. You should see battery voltage.

Next check the orange/white and light green/yellow and tan/white wires for battery voltage at all times (IGN key on and off). Check the black wire for good ground.

If all those check out, look again at the red/yellow Ford lighting control modulewire at pin 10 fo the C2145 connected. It should be grounded when the headlight switch is in the on position. Also check for battery voltage on the grey wire in the headlight connector. If all those inputs are good but you don’t have headlight power, the LCM module is bad.

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