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Ford Door Latch Repair Kit

Ford Door Latch Repair Kit Fixes Cable Ends

Dorman Products has released a Ford Door Latch Repair Kit to


Compete Ford Door Latch Cable $58

repair the faulty plastic ends on the door latch cable on Ford Trucks. The original cable is a steel cable in a vinyl sheath with a plastic end that locates in the door latch. The plastic end deteriorates and the cable no longer operates the latch. Prior to this Dorman door latch repair kit 926-111, you had to buy the complete door latch assembly from Ford for $60. The Dorman 926-111 door latch repair kit costs about $10 on Amazon.

Dorman 926-111

Dorman 926-111

Fix Ford Broken Door Latch

You’ll have to remove the door trim panel and then the latch and cable from the door. Using a knife and side cutters, remove the plastic retainer from the end of the existing cable sheath. Then slide the cable into the groove on the new aluminum cable ends. Finally, push the new part onto the existing cable sheath. Once it’s fully in place, locate the notched end of the new end in the latch assembly. You’re done.

dorman 926-111 installation instructions

Dorman 926-111 installation instructions

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