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Ford Edge wheel noise at slow speeds

If you encounter Ford Edge noise at slow speeds chances are it’s coming from the chrome cladding on your factory aluminum wheels. Ford used two different manufacturers to make the cladding and one brand is causing problems. Ford has issued a TSB # 09-7-1 to address the issue on 2008-09 Ford Focus vehicles.


The Ford Edge Wheel Noise problems

Ford Edge 20” wheels may make a clicking or creaking noise from either the front or rear wheels at slow speeds below 5-MPH on vehicles built before 1/28/09. Since the problem is related to one of two manufacturers, you must examine the wheels to see if yours are made by the problem manufacturer.

Remove the wheels and then remove the center caps. If your wheels are clad with the plastic/chrome cladding with the slots shown here, you’ve got the problem wheels. With the valve stem at the 12:00 position, use a feeler

Ford Edge wheels make noise

Ford Edge 20″ with slotted plastic chrome cladding that makes noise

gauge to measure the gap show in the illustration. If the gaps are greater than 0.05” at both the 12:00 and 6:00 positions, the only fix is to replace the wheel with an updated version, part #9T4Z-1007H



Ford Edge makes noise

Measure the gap between the cladding and the aluminum wheel

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