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Ford Escape Instrument panel dead

Diagnose and fix Ford Escape instrument panel dead condition

If you’re dealing with a Ford Escape instrument panel dead condition, here are the steps to take to test for power and ground before condemning the instrument cluster itself. When customers who report this condition, they state that the instrument cluster has gone completely dead except for possibly the air bag light. If you scan for trouble codes, you may find P1260. The cluster and PATS system do not communicate at all.

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Test for blown fuses

Access the under dash fuse box (smart junction box) and check fuses 29, 43, and 26.

Escape fuse box location

Unplug the instrument cluster connector

2. If the fuses are all good and have power, then access and unplug the cluster. Test for power, ground and ohm reading on the digital network terminals.


Ford escape instrument panel dead

Test Ford Escape instrument cluster for power, ground and digital buss resistance


3. If all the tests are good, plug the cluster back in and recheck, if it is still completely inoperative, suspect a failed cluster. Find a rebuilder and send your cluster off for a rebuild. Ask them to update the programming. That’s a MUCH better choice than buying a junk yard instrument panel

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