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Ford F150 No start

Diagnose and fix Ford F150 No start

If you own a 2011 through 2014 Ford F150 with the 3.5L engine and have a Ford F150 no start condition, this post may have the fix for you. The symptoms appear when you turn the key to start and the engine cranks but won’t fire up. In addition to the no start condition, you may also find any or all of these trouble codes
P0201 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0202 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0203 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0204 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0205 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0206 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0207 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P0208 – Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit/Open
P025A – Fuel Pump Module A Control Circuit/Open
U0109 – Lost Communication With Fuel Pump Control Module A

Ford Service Bulletin #15-0137 may apply to this problem

For has issued a service bulletin #15-0137 to address a Ford F150 no start issue. The bulletin identifies a problem with fuse #27 in the battery junction box. The problem may be due to excessive heat at Fuse #27. Ford has issued a fuse relocation kit to solve the problem.
Remove the junction box cover and inspect the terminals on the fuel pump relay and fuse #27. If the terminals on the fuse or relay show signs of overheating, obtain the Ford Fuse Relocation kit #EL3Z-14293-A from any Ford dealer. Follow the fuse relocation instructions in the kit. Replace the fuel pump relay.

Battery junction box layout Ford F150

Ford F-150 Battery Junction Box showing Fuse 27 and fuel pump relay

Next, check for battery power on the blue wire at any of the fuel injectors with the engine running. Power is provided to all fuel injectors, fuel pump control module and fuel pump itself from the fuel pump relay. The fuel injectors are fired by the PCM grounding each injector, one at a time.
2. Monitor the voltage of the Blue (BU) wire at any fuel injector connector when the vehicle is driven, to verify that battery power is maintained as the vehicle is driven, to determine if there is a potential failure of the circuit from the fuel pump relay to the injector connections.

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