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Ford Fiesta Blower Motor

Ford Fiesta Blower Motor

2011-13 Ford Fiesta Blower Motor may blow the fuse in the power distribution fuse box. You can replace the fuse, but if it happens during the winter, chances are it will happen again. The Ford Fiesta Blower Motor can accumulate snow that’s come in through the cowl panel. The snow melts and then freezes the blower motor at night, reducing airflow and causing the blower motor to draw excessive current. Ford has come up with special deflectors to prevent the snow from entering. Install the new deflectors (CE8Z-54020C16-A). All the details are in Ford Technical Service Bulletin 12-1-12. The bulletin applies to vehicles built before 10.17.11

Install one deflector on each air inlet.

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You may also have to replace the blower motor resistor and the fuse.

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