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Ford Focus blower motor doesn’t work

What to do if your Ford Focus blower motor doesn’t work

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #03-18-2 to address problems when a Ford Focus blower motor doesn’t work.

The bulletin applies to 200-03 Ford Focus vehicles and Ford has determined the root cause to be a water leak in the climate control heater blower motor case.

Ford recommends inspecting the seal in the cowl area for leaks when servicing the blower motor resistor or blower motor. The leaks may appear windshield and cowl grille area. If you find gaps, replace the cowl grille with part 1S4Z-5402228-CA. Next, check for gaps between the pollen filter housing gasket and the sheet metal plenum. Look for bent studs or off-center placement. Also inspect for bent sheet metal flanges.

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