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Ford Focus P0087

Ford Focus P0087 — Diagnose and fix

Ford Focus P0087 — What does it mean?

The code is defined as: P0087 – Fuel Rail/System Pressure – Too Low. The symptom is: extreme lack of power.

Most common causes of Ford Focus P0087

• Faulty high pressure fuel pump
• Leaking fuel injector(s)

How to diagnose P0087

You’ll need a scan tool with live data to diagnose the problem.

These gasoline direct injection engine have two fuel pumps; a

low pressure fuel pump

Low pressure fuel pump

low pressure fuel pump located in the fuel tank and a high pressure fuel pump located on the engine.

The low pressure fuel pump delivers fuel to the high pressure pump at 45-psi. The high pressure fuel pump then boosts the pressure to around 2,000 psi.

There’s a “desired fuel pump pressure” PID and an “actual fuel pressure ” PID shown in live data. Road test the vehicle with your scan tool attached and watch the two PIDS. When the high pressure fuel pump fails, you’ll see a large discrepancy between the desired and actual data.

high pressure fuel pump

High pressure fuel pump located on engine

Most of the time, the cause is a failed high pressure fuel pump. There’s a special alignment and depressurization procedure you must follow when replacing the high pressure fuel pump, so invest in a pro grade shop manual like alldatadiy.com or eautorepair.net before doing this job yourself.

On rare occasions, this problem can also be caused by one or more leaking fuel injectors. However, if the discrepancy between desired and actual is large, chances are lower than it’s caused by leaking fuel injectors as they’d have to be leaking a lot of fuel to cause that large of a discrepancy.

To test for leaking fuel injectors, remove all the spark plugs and crank the engine. Then inspect for pooling fuel in the cylinders.

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